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Ambasamudram Power Plant

Independent Power Plant of 50 MW Capacity, attached to the Group’s integrated Greenfield Sugar Complex at Ambasamudram in Tirunelveli District of Tamil Nadu, became operational during April 2010. The Plant consists of 2 Units of 25 MW each.

Designed and built as a Co-Generation Power Plant to run on Bagasse, a byproduct of the Sugar Mill, in early 2012 it was redesigned and converted into an Independent Power Plant. At the same time, in order to derive maximum benefit, we have ensured that the Plant is capable of running on multi-fuel, i.e. Bagasse when Sugarcane crushing is on and imported Coal during the off season. Thus the Plant operates 24/7 nonstop. The Plant and machinery are supplied and erected by some of leading lights in their respective sectors, such as Siemens, ISGEC, etc.

While inbuilt Electrostatic Precipitators ensures reduced emission levels, we have opted for Air cooled Condensers, instead of Water cooled Condensers, which helps to minimize water consumption and conserve the precious ground water. In order to further lessen the impact of emission we have maintained good greenery at the Site and follow healthy organizational atmosphere and pollution free atmosphere.

At present the generated Power is sold to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board and to reputed III Party HT Consumers. The entire power generated is linked to State Power Grid and transmitted through its 110 KV Transmission line in order to minimize line loss.

Standard Operating Procedures honed over the years are put in place to ensure trouble free and smooth functioning of the Plant. In order to optimize the manpower we also follow the DCS Systems (Distributed Control System) for Power Plant operation.