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Appollo Distilleries Ltd - Brewery - Gummudipoondi - TN

It was perhaps in keeping with the axiom that old habits die hard, that Empee Group ventured again into brewing business by establishing a Brewery in 2012, under the name and style of Appollo Distilleries Pvt. Ltd - another Group Company.

Harking back, the Group had its halcyon days in the Beer business from 1989 to 2002 when as a part of strategic divergence, hived off its Brewery at Kuthambakkam, near Chennai. During this period the Group had established a reputation as one of the foremost Brewers in the south with its brand Marcopolo Strong and Lager Beers setting new bench marks for quality and brand loyalty.

The Group thus had the necessary expertise, innate capacity and capability to brew and bottle high quality Beer. It was therefore small wonder that a sequel has had to happen, in the form of Appollo Distilleries Pvt. Ltd.

This Brewery, set up, about 50 KMs from Chennai, in Gummudipondi Taluk, Thiruvallur Dist., Tamil Nadu, has a capacity of 7.50 lakh Hecto Litres per annum, and is presently producing around 500,000 cases per month. The Brewery incorporates the most modern Brewing and Bottling machineries and equipments that are currently available.

The Brands the Company has successfully launched are: Max 11000, Commando, and Horse Power Super Strong Beers and Maxkool Premium Lager Beer. Besides, a multi-national has tie-up arrangement with us for manufacturing their beer brands for the Tamil Nadu market.

The Company's strong beer varieties MAX 11000, COMMANDO & HORSE POWER SUPER STRONG BEERS are produced from selected imported Malt and Hops in a most modern Plant. The Wort thus made is fermented under controlled and monitored parameters to impart pleasant flavour. The quality of Wort and Beer is checked under every stage of the process through online measuring instruments. This variety of Beer is highly glossy and transparent and has steady thick and lofty foam which provides fullness to the customers. The Beer thus produced is smooth to drink without having any harshness on the taste buds which is otherwise felt in strong beer varieties.

The Premium Lager Beer variety, MAXKOOL, is produced from imported Two row Malt and Hops. Fermented under controlled and monitored parameters to impart smooth flavour. Filtered in most modern Filteration Plant to impart high gloss, clear and transparency to the Beer. Imported Malt imparts steady, thick and lofty foam providing fullness and mouth feel to the customers with adequate bite due to Carbon-di-oxide.

With these formulae of superior ingredients, the beers have succeeded in creating a niche for themselves, in such a short span, standing as a testament to the rich heritage the Group and its commitment to raise the bar in line with the dictates of the market.