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Empee Distilleries Ltd – Palakkad – Kerala

EDL’s success in Tamil Nadu created a domino effect, leading to establishment of Blending and Bottling Units in the other southern states like Kerala and Karnataka.

In Kerala, a state-of-the-art IMFL Blending and Bottling Facility was established in the year 1999 at Kanjikode Industrial Area, Palakkad Dist, which currently has a licenced capacity of 2,50,000 cases per month at present.

This Unit had a glittering beginning when one of its products, Victoria XXX Rum, eclipsed all the then established brands by creating a new sales record ever achieved by a Single Brand in the annals of the State’s Liquor Industry.

Some of the leading brands from EDL Palakkad’s stable are All Gold Brandy, Old Secret Brandy, Empee’s Sixer Brandy, All Gold Matured XXX Rum, Old Secret Rum, and Pineapple, Orange and Mango flavoured Vodka. Apart from own brands, this Unit also has tie up bottling arrangements with other national players.

Kerala IMFL market is chock-a-block and the fact that in such a scenario we have completed 14 successful years is a testimony to the quality and appeal of EDL’s brands on the one hand and on the other it resilience and continued investment in research and innovation, helping it to face the present and also to successfully meet the challenges of fresh vistas opening up in future.