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Empee Sugars & Chemicals Ltd – Naidupet

Empee’s first Sugar Mill was set up in Naidupet, Andhra Pradesh, in 1992 which was gradually expended into an integrated complex with facilities for manufacturing Rectified Spirit, Extra Neutral Spirit, Bio Fertilizer, etc., besides a 20 MW Power generation.

The sugar unit set up with a capacity of 2500 TCD per day can crush upto 3500 MTs of cane per day. Plans are on the anvil to enhance the capacity by 5,000 TCD. The Mill has ample cane command area. This, together with availability of perennial water, ensures regular supply of cane to the Mill.

Double sulphitation process is adopted from the beginning for manufacture of Sugar. This ensures that the sugar manufactured is of superior quality.

To maximize the utilization of in-house byproducts such as Molasses, an Industrial Alcohol Plant was established in 1994, which is capable of producing Extra Neutral Alcohol as well. Plans are on to upgrade this Unit. Besides, to meet the demand for Ethanol, a state of the art Ethanol plant was also set up.

The Bio Fertilizer plant attached to the Alcohol plant caters to the needs of the cane growers at subsidized rates. The sugar mill also takes care of the water needs of nearby farmers by supplying quality water out of treated effluent.