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Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL)

The Spirited growth

The Empee Group realized the importance of brands early on and has laid emphasis on creating brands that would form everlasting relationships with its consumers. With the unique nature of a brand or its personality forming the basis of its relationship with the customer, Empee has created signature products with wide ranging appeal. In today's crowded marketplace, the salience of a brand has gone up hundred fold and the role of brand building is well realized. Empee has invested ample time and resources in this regard and has come out with some outstanding products in its alcoholic beverages portfolio which are now the market leaders. This includes brands in the premium, mid level and economy segments.

The Group now has three modern manufacturing Facilities in three of the Southern States – Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala – and has plans to break further grounds at the national level.

Manufacturing Mantra

Every brand in the Empee liquor portfolio is a product of stringent manufacturing processes, from distillation to bottling; utmost attention to quality is maintained through every step of the way. The Group maintains its high production standards by keeping the entire process from blending, bottling to packing under strict quality control.

The Group has to its credit several well known labels covering all the three segment of the IMFL industry. Some of the signature brands are Empee’ Napoleon Brandy, Elcanso Premium Deluxe Brandy and Empee’s Premium Gold Whisky in the premium range; All Gold VSOP Brandy, Old Secret Brandy and Vodkas in the medium range and Old Secret XXX Rum in the low range. Efforts are on to release shortly new Super Premium Brands to cater to the niche upper crust clients.