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Naidupet Power Plant

A Co-Generation Plant, attached to the Group’s Naidupet (AP) Sugar Mill has an installed capacity of 20 MW.

Commissioned in March 2010 it can operate on both Bagasse, a byproduct of the Sugar Mill, and Coal and therefore runs throughout the year. The Power Plant is linked to the Group’s 3,000 TCD Sugar Mill at Naidupet (AP) and operates during the Sugarcane Crushing season of November to April, using Bagasse as fuel. During the off season it operates using imported Coal as fuel. The generated Power is sold to APSPDCL under a long term Power Purchase Agreement, transmitted through APTRANSCO’s 132 KV Transmission line to minimize line loss.

The Unit incorporates the latest designs for emission control, such as ESPs. It is further buttressed by the fact that it runs on eco-friendly Bio-fuel for over six months during the Sugarcane crushing season, with almost zero emissions, and only for the remaining period fired by Coal, where again inbuilt systems are in place to minimize the pollution levels.