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It all began nearly four decades ago – the humble venture under the leadership of Mr. M.P. Purushothaman, has evolved into a conglomerate, ‘Empee Group’. The operations of the group began initially with a close association with the Hotel Industry, and gradually expanded to create a niche in other ventures as well. It was the unwavering spirit and vision of Mr. M. P. Purushothaman, Chairman, Empee Group, that has enabled us to make our mark, not only in South India, but also in other parts of the country. The organization continues to conquer new frontiers.

Empee Group is a vast family, where we share a symbiotic relationship with each other. As the group grew and evolved over the years, the system of working has changed and today the working is more organized, advanced and efficient. The new generation that has stepped in, has a fresh and energetic outlook towards the functioning of the Group and brought in a new realm of activities to keep its name soaring high.

Empee Group realizes the immense significance of their employees who put in their skills, hard work, efforts and time in order to retain and enhance the credibility of the Group. They are the foundation on which we stand strong in the current Indian market. It is their ability, perseverance and zeal that have earned our company, its present fortune and fame and our employees are rewarded with utmost respect and care.

We consider it our duty to take best possible care of all those who are an integral part of this group and work towards achieving our common vision. We not only lend a helping hand, whenever required, but also consider it as our responsibility to make our people feel at home. We are committed to offer each of them a humane environment and structure that will allow each person to be satisfied with their work, and free in their expression. We also aim to create a surrounding that enables our people to be true to them and to progress and find empowerment at all times.

Empee Group symbolizes some of the most important work principles today. Be it in terms of professional work environment, talented and committed people working side-by-side, innovative and progressive management or limitless cultural and intellectual opportunities throughout the area, the energy and inspiration of working in the Empee group certainly knows no bounds!

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