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Harnessing non-conventional energy

The firm belief in non-conventional energy led the Empee Group to set up wind turbine generation in Tirupur Dist, Tamilnadu which proved to be the precursor to the Group’s foray into the field of power generation.

Today, the Group generates Power in four locations with a combined output of over 82MW, such as;

Empee Power Co. (I) Ltd’s 20 MW Power Plant – a cogeneration Plant attached to the Sugar Mill at Naidupet, Andhra Pradesh.

Empee Sugars & Chemicals Ltd’s Independent Power Plant of 50 MW at Ambasamudram, Tamil Nadu.

Empee Distilleries Ltd’s Biomass Based Renewable Energy Power Plant of 10 MW at Pudukottai District, Tamil Nadu.

2.50 MW Capacity Wind Mills at Tirupur Dist operated by Empee Distilleries Ltd.

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